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Alumni Mentoring

Great mentors inspire—because they’ve been there.

The School of Social Work Alumni Mentoring Program connects current students to alumni mentors for guidance and support.

Alumni must apply and be accepted. Eligible alumni will:

  • Be an Adelphi alumnus in good standing with the University (with no outstanding academic or financial issues)
  • Agree to be listed in the directory and database for current student selection
  • Agree to attend the orientation and the year-end networking event
  • Agree to contact current students via phone, email or an in-person meeting at least five times a year
  • Provide information on their degree major, current employment industry, current job title and duties and graduate school degrees (if any) to assist students in their mentor selection

Program Format

Qualified alumni will be listed as mentors and will be available for selection by current students once they’ve attended the orientation and provided information for the database. Once the mentor request is made by a current student and verified by a staff member, connection information is given to the mentor to begin the relationship. Students and mentors agree to at least five connections, but can continue the relationship through the current student’s graduation. Participants enter the mentoring relationships on a voluntary basis and can end the relationship at any point.

The Matching Process

The matching process is designed so that students select their own mentor based on the profiles completed by the alumni mentors. In addition, alumni mentors indicate the type of services they are able to provide. Students review alumni biographies and select three possible mentors. Staff members confirm their match and send a copy of the student’s profile to the alumni mentor.

The Initial Meeting

Once a match has been confirmed and the information is sent to each participant, the student is responsible for contacting his or her mentor as soon as possible. Contact between the participants can be in the form of mailings, phone calls, email or personal meetings. The initial contact should be an informal one. It should be kept friendly and light—the goal is to have both parties at ease with each other.

There are many ways to support a student.

Academic Development

  • Help choose courses that are aligned with a student’s career goals
  • Identify relevant research centers and other opportunities on campus
  • Assist with learning effective problem-solving skills
  • Assist with identifying his or her strengths and areas of improvement
  • Encourage goal setting and achievement

Career Development

  • Give advice on career options
  • Discuss particular fields of interest
  • Share your experiences of working in a particular field
  • Take your mentee to work
  • Guide and support through the process of:
    • Researching internships, summer positions and employers
    • Selecting specific employers
    • Developing résumés and cover letters
    • Preparing for interviews
  • Introducing your student to a variety of resources for career preparation
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