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Life doesn’t stop when you leave the classroom.

Graduate Social Work Student Association

All graduate social work students in the master’s program are members of the Graduate Social Work Student Association (GSWSA). Students are encouraged to become active participants in the educational process. The association’s goal is to facilitate the educational pursuits of student members by working to achieve quality learning. Opportunity exists within this process for practical experience in leadership roles, advocacy, and organization within the framework of established University policy.

The GSWSA provides an organization through which students can coordinate their interests and act cooperatively and assertively on behalf of all social work students. It exists to facilitate maximum student involvement in the planning and evaluation of class and field curricula, and acts as a liaison between students, the faculty, and the administration. In addition, it organizes and presents programs to enhance the overall learning experience. The GSWSA welcomes your ideas, questions, and participation regarding all areas of your educational experience. All programs sponsored by the Graduate Social Work Student Association are announced via email.

School Committees

Students have the opportunity to serve on School of Social Work academic committees. The following committees welcome active student participation:

Academic Standards Committee

Has the responsibility for acting as consultant to faculty field liaisons and academic advisers with respect to student progress, as well as maintenance of educational standards. It reviews students for probationary status and possible termination of studies, and makes recommendations for action to the dean.

Admissions Committee 

Responsible for reviewing graduate applications and recommending admissions policies to the faculty.

Curriculum Committee 

Develops policies for curricula at the undergraduate and graduate levels. It reviews all innovations and changes in curricula and makes recommendations to the faculty for final decisions.

Doctoral Faculty Committee 

Responsible for the planning and the content of courses offered in the program, for screening and interviewing applicants, and for making recommendations concerning admissions to the program. The committee also conducts examinations of candidates for the degree.

Field Education Committee

Monitors and develops field education curricula and recommends policies for field instruction to the faculty of the School of Social Work.

Scholarship Committee 

Recommends policies and guidelines for distribution of school scholarships. The Scholarship Committee reviews all applications for scholarships and, with the authority delegated to it by the dean, awards student grants that are based on specified criteria.

Search Committee 

Responsible for recruiting and interviewing potential full-time faculty for the School of Social Work and making recommendations to the dean.

Sequence Committees 

Responsible for reviewing all courses in their respective areas, refining course objectives and contents in relationship to the mission of the School and overall School curricula, and for preparing and suggesting to the Curriculum Committee new courses for consideration by the faculty. The sequences are:

  • Human Behavior and Social Environment
  • Social Research
  • Social Welfare Policy and Organization
  • Social Work Practice
  • Field Education
In addition, ad hoc committees are established to address specific needs not subsumed under existing committee areas.

For further information about any of these committees, please contact:

Bradley Zodikoff, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Director of M.S.W. Program
Social Work Building, Room 221
p – 516.877.4439
e –

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