Grievance Procedure

Adelphi University School of Social Work is fully committed to conducting all activities in strict conformance and will comply with all legal and ethical responsibilities to be non-discriminatory in promotional activities, program content and in the treatment of program participants. The monitoring and assessment of compliance with these standards will be the responsibility of the Director in consultation with the members of the Executive Advisory Committee, Adelphi University SSW.

While the Department of Continuing Education and Professional Development goes to great lengths to assure fair treatment for all participants and attempts to anticipate problems, there will be occasional issues which come to the attention of the staff which require intervention and/or action on the part of the Continuing Education staff or an officer of Adelphi University SSW. This grievance procedure form serves as a guideline for handling such grievances.

Complainants should seek to bring their complaint to the attention of the Director of Continuing Education and Professional Development using the procedure as soon as possible following the occurrence of a problem and ideally within one calendar month. Many complaints can be dealt with quickly and effectively in this manner, without recourse to formal procedures. The complaints procedure has been designed with this in mind.

Those who experience a problem with any service provided by the Department of Continuing Education and Professional Development, should normally first raise the matter with the person responsible. If informal discussion does not resolve the situation satisfactorily, the Director responsible for the area to which the complaint relates should be approached, in person or in writing. (If the initial complaint relates to the Director or equivalent, then at this point, there should be recourse to the formal procedure set out below). The complainant should state any remedy sought. A prompt response can be expected.

Grievance Form

  • Instructions

    The Grievance procedure has three steps. The first is an informal resolution, the second a formal written grievance and the third a review by the Executive Committee.This form may be used by an attendee to initiate a formal grievance at Step 2.

    If you are considering initiating a grievance, you should review the complete Grievance policy.

  • Step 1: Informal Resolution

  • Step one of the grievance process is the informal resolution. Inform the Director of the problem. The Director will then pass on the comments to the speaker, assuring the confidentiality of the grieved individual.

    If the grievance concerns a workshop offering, the content, level of presentation, or the facilities in which the workshop was offered, the Director will mediate and will be the final arbitrator. If the participant requests action, the Director will:

    • attempt to move the participant to another workshop or
    • provide a credit for a subsequent year's workshop or
    • provide a partial or full refund of the workshop fee.
      Actions 2b and 2c will require the individual to complete step two of this form
    • Step 2: Formal Grievance

    • From the date of the grievable event, you have 15 working days to file a formal, written grievance. The written grievance is considered filed when it is submitted to the Director or a member of the

      You must provide the following information:

    • Step 3: Formal Grievance

    • If you do not resolve your grievance at Step 2, you may advance the grievance to Step 3 by notifying the Director, who is designated to receive grievances at this step.
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