Certificate Program Tuition Remission Policy and Application Instructions

  1. Agencies whose professionals provide field instruction sufficient to enable a student to satisfy credit-bearing course requirements shall be awarded tuition remission credits on the following schedule:

    a. One-half (.75) credits per semester supervision of a B.S.W. junior student.

    b. One (1.0) credits per semester supervision of a B.S.W. senior student or M.S.W. student.

  2. Tuition remission is granted to an agency and may be assigned to an employee of the organization (but not members of their families) only with the written approval of both the organization’s director (or designee) and the School of Social Work.*

  3. Tuition remission credits expire two years from the date they are earned.

  4. Tuition remission is rendered in the form of an approved Application for Tuition Remission that is valid only when signed by a designated official of the agency and the School of Social Work. Contact: Pat Durecko (Budget Coordinator, School of Social Work) at 516.877.4383 to request an application.

  5. Tuition remission credits may be used for the following:

    a. Any credit bearing course offered by the University providing the student meets the admission requirements for the course, with the exception of doctoral candidates who may use them towards their advisement fee.

    b. School of Social Work Continuing Education Certification Programs to satisfy up to 30 percent of the program. This is to be used for postgraduate certificate programs only.

  6. There is a processing fee of $25. A check or money order must accompany the application form. Cash is not accepted. Return completed application with $25 check payable to Adelphi University to Pat Durecko (Adelphi University, School of Social Work, Social Work Building Room 205, One South Avenue, Garden City, New York 11530) or Patti Valerio (pvalerio@aelphi.edu).

*The School of Social Work does NOT permit the buying and selling of tuition remission credits. By signing the application, students and agency directors acknowledge that they are adhering to this policy.

Applications should be submitted by the “Classes Begin Date” to avoid possible changes in financial packages.

» Download Tuition Remission application form

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For further information, please contact:

Audrey Freshman, Ph.D., LCSW, CASAC
Director, Office of Professional and Continuing Education
Social Work Building, Room 235
p – 516.877.4339
e – afreshman@adelphi.edu