School of Social Work Leadership

We’re committed to excellence in social work.

From teaching and mentoring to community engagement and field experience, we’re constantly working to provide a vast range of high-quality student opportunities. We aim to ensure that every graduate of the Adelphi University School of Social Work is grounded in both theory and practical experience—and thoroughly prepared to make an impact.


Andrew Safyer, Ph.D.Andrew Safyer, Ph.D.
Social Work Building, Room 201
p – 516.877.4354
e – 

Peter I. Chernack, Ph.D.Peter I. Chernack, D.S.W.
Associate Dean for Program Development
Social Work Building, Room 209
p – 516.877.4350
e –


Judy Fenster, Ph.D.Judy Fenster, Ph.D.
Faculty Chair for Curriculum and Instruction
Social Work Building, Room 319
p – 516.877.4361
e –


Beverly Araujo Dawson
Director of Hybrid M.S.W. Program
p – 516.877.4382 
e –

Sheila Edwards-Robinson
Director of Hauppauge Program
p – 631.300.4350
e –

Audrey Freshman
Director of Continuing Education
and Professional Development

Social Work Building, Room 235
p – 516.877.4339
e –

Mandy Habib
Project Director
Social Work Building, Room 353
p – 516.877.4356
e –

Cheryl McAuliffe
Director of Undergraduate Program
Social Work Building, Room 225
p – 516.877.4362
e –

Ohiro Oni-Eseleh
Director of Hudson Valley Center
Hudson Valley Center
p – 845.471.3348 x8101
e –

Victor Labruna
Project Director 
Social Work Building, Room 353
p – 516.877.4379
e –

Subadra Panchanadeswaran
Director of Ph.D. Program

Social Work Building, Room 229
p – 516.877.4310
e –

Andrew J. Peters
Director of Manhattan Center Program
Manhattan Center
p – 212.965.8340 x8358
e –

Schanica Pickens
Director of Student Engagement and Academic Success
Social Work Building, Room 237
p – 516.877.4407
e –

Elizabeth Szpilka, LMSW
Director of Outreach, Enrollment and Professional Advisement
p – 516.877.4384/60
e –

Raquel M. Warley
Director of Field Education
p – 516.877.4374
e –


Assistant Directors

James Amato
Assistant Director for Field Education
Manhattan Center, Room 243
p – 212.965.8340
e –

Jamie Gergen
Assistant Director for Field Education
and Student Services

Hauppauge Center
p – 516.237.8609
e –

Livia Polise
Assistant Director of Field Education
Social Work Building, Room 241
p – 516.877.4351
e –





Nateisha Reid
Student Affairs Coordinator
Hauppauge Center
p – 516.833.8182
e –

Michel Montalvo
Student Affairs Coordinator 
Manhattan Center – Room 240 
e –

Susan Rotondo
Student Relations Specialist
Social Work Building, Room 221
p – 516.877.4439
e –

Regina Tracy
Student Affairs Coordinator
Hudson Valley Center
p – 845.471.3348
e –

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School of Social Work
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